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  • 13 Jul 2009
    Chana Moves In
    Chana reafirms its commitment to South Africa, brings a healthy investment to the party

    Chana Auto Co. Ltd today announced plans to fully back its products in South Africa with a 5 year $80 million investment. This investment will include a manufacturing plant and the creation of more than 1000 jobs. The factory will produce right hand drive vehicles for the South African market as well as an export market to other right hand drive countries.

    A strange time indeed for such an investment, but Chana believes South Africa to be the number 1 emerging market and a springboard into other African countries. With the current financial crisis, it can be questioned whether this is a good time, but Chana’s investment locally will give this brand time to prepare for what they believe will be a turn around in the local motoring industry. Backed by the China Construction Bank, this relationship stretches back to Chana’s first foray locally in late 2006 and this strategic partnership will continue to power this brand, now the 4th largest motor manufacturer in China, a country that now produces the most vehicles in the world annually. Chana anticipates a global annual production of 2 million cars in 2010 and a further 2 million cars in 2011.

    This news bodes well for the original importers and distributors Abrina, who til now have been plagued by the ill effects of the recession, closing almost 80 dealerships of the 100 operating before the slump. The management and staff will remain mainly as is although certain new appointments will be made from Chana headquarters in China.

    Chana is a brand close to this publication, having a 1300 Chana double cab on our fleet in the past, this vehicle although rudimentary proved its worth with sheer hardworking capabilities, reliability and indestructability. This fact was proved again with the Chana Star bakkies that competed in the Chana Racing Series in 2008 that sadly also came to an end with the turn in times. The current Chana range available locally includes the trusty Chana Star’s in single, clubcab, double cab and panel van models, the on again / off again / on again Chana Benni returns to the range and a new 1 ton model is due for release soon.

    As a state owned enterprise of China, Chana has its responsibility to both China’s reputation and its own clients. Chana is here to stay, and this companies commitment is to offering the best product, quality and service to customers. With Chana’s focus fixed firmly on a 4% local market share in the next 3 years I reckon this is a brand to watch…

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